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The children loved coming in dressed as a character from the class text on World Book Day! 

After having a “Secret Reader” session at the start of the day, where the children were given choices between, The Twits, Who let the Gods out? Stig of the Dump, The Savage and other titles, Apollo class set to work on discussing the themes in our chosen book The Paper Bag Princess. We started the day buy talking about the characters and what happened in the book and sequencing the story to show our understanding. 

We then explored how to show our understanding in different ways, by writing a conversation between two of the characters. 

Later on in the day, we made character descriptions of the princess and discussed how her personality had changed as the story went on. 

The children talked about the way that the princess had been treated by Prince Ronald, who was very rude to her when she came to save him! We talked about loyalty and about how appearance shouldn’t be the most important thing. It’s what’s inside that should count. 

Thank you to those who have returned their Church Visit slip.

Choose a Langauge

How you can help!

Telling the time is tricky!! We will be recapping on O'Clock and half past and also looking at quarter past.

we will be using what we know about how many seconds there are in a minute and how many minutes in an hour to solve simple word problems. Anything you can do to reinforce this at home will be helpful. 

Talk about any plants we eat and which part of the plant we eat. Is it the leaf, the bulb, the stem or the flowers? 
practise 2, 5 and 10 times table facts and corresponding divisions

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