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Welcome to Apollo


Welcome to Apollo Class!

This Year you will continue to find Mrs Donald on Monday and Tuesday and Mrs Meeks on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mrs Evans will also be with us for most of the week, which we are delighted about. 

Homework will be handed in on a Monday and usually marked and sent back the same day.

Spellings will be given out on a Friday and will be tested in a range of ways the following Friday. We suggest that you spend a little time on them as often as possible, as this is the best way for the brain to recall them into the long term memory. If the children could make sure they have their homework books in their bags everyday so that we can practise spellings at any point during the day, that would be really helpful! 
Similarly, please make sure you have your reading books in your bag everyday so that we can change around our reading sessions if we need to for any reason. Your child will have an independent reading book closely matched to their independent reading level and a guided reading book which will be a more challenging text. We work on this as a group once a week and it may take some time to get through a text, as we explore lots of themes and skills to develop and enhance comprehension skills. 

Please try not to read ahead with the guided texts, as it prevents children from working on prediction skills based on what they already understand about the text.

This Term's Theme

For the first part of the term, we will be focusing on Charles Wicksteed as a historical figure and the impact that he had and continues to have in Kettering. We will work on recognising where Kettering is in the world and use maps to locate landmarks in the local area. as well as learning directional language, such as left, right, forwards, backwards, and also North, East, South and West. This will also be reinforced by our learning of computing, where we will learn about the basics of computer programming and how to make an object move through basic programming. Our Science theme will be about how humans and animals grow and change and recognising the basic needs of humans and animals.  The first few weeks of homework will be linked to our learning in Religion, where we will be exploring our own faith and celebrating the faiths of the people in our class and community. after this, we will be sending home work on maths skills and grammar.


This week, Apollo have really engaged with their Snowman writing! We have been using description; adjectives, expanded noun phrases and conjunctions, to help make our writing more interesting to read. The children have made such progress in their writing this term and we have seen a huge improvement in the presentation and formation of handwriting. Well done Apollo!! 

In maths we have been measuring! We have learnt how to estimate and how to measure with increasing accuracy using a ruler. We have learnt how to order measurements from shortest to longest and also how to find the difference between 2 objects by taking away in a calculation. 

In Geography, we learnt what an Island is and looked on the world maps to find islands which we thought were hot or cold. We talked about the Equator and how countries which are nearer to it are hotter. We also discussed how Antarctica and The Arctic are cold places. This leads us into our work next week on Arctic and Antarctic animals, in which we will be writing fact files. 
Some children got the opportunity to go to an athletics competition on Wednesday afternoon. They represented the school with pride and enjoyed being a part of a team. The children recognised they had used several values during the afternoon, such as, honesty, respect, teamwork and passion as well as developing skills in throwing, catching, balancing and running. Thank you “Team Apollo” for doing your very best. 

It was fabulous last week to have James Dasaolu in school! He put us through our paces in our circuits session and gave a very interesting assembly about the reality of being an athlete. He shared with the children how difficult it is when you have an injury and talked about having goals and determination. We wish him luck in qualifying for Tokyo next year.

Choose a Langauge

How you can help!

Spend some time looking at the Common Exception Words for Year 2. The children will need to know how to read and spell all of these by the end of Year 2.

Practise pairs of numbers which make 10 or 20 if you fancy a challenge. For example 7 + ? = 10.

Talk to your child about the faith of your family and explore their views and opinions about it. Alternatively, you could choose a faith to explore and find out about. 

Practise the spelling pattern of the week - maybe even find other words with the pattern which are not on the list

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At Hall Meadow we promote achievement in all areas and from all members of our community. We respect and value each person as unique. We work together to create an active, caring and high quality environment that encourages self-sustaining lifelong learning.


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We are a fully inclusive school, children are always at the centre of everything we do. The curriculum is innovative and provides maximum opportunities for intellectual, social and emotional development. The children study the National Curriculum through themes such as 'Keen to be Green'.


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