Extra Curriculum Activities


Children can access music tuition through Northamptonshire Music and Performing Arts Trust. Specifically, children can play a brass or string instrument.

We currently have recorder, guitar, violin and piano lessons on site.

See for more information or speak to the school office. 


Children can benefit from addition sports sessions with fully qualified coaches from Pacesetters. Please visit for more information and to book sessions for Multi Sports or Gymnastics. 

Hotshots basketball club believes that team spirit is an essential part of sport and a wider lesson in life. It is developed through the messages given during sessions by our coaches, hard work and shared experience. At Hotshots, we believe in giving all our club members the chance to play in competitive games against other Hotshots clubs in their area. This gives coaches and club members a chance to embed that team spirit and cement the positive culture of all Hotshots' basketball clubs. 

To book - please speak to the school office