Wellbeing and Family Support

Mrs Ricotta is our wellbeing lead and can be contacted via the school office.

We all need to feel safe.  In fact, we all have the right to feel safe all the time.  In order for children to proceed on a normal path in their growth and development, to feel good about themselves and to become effective learners in school, and in life, they need to feel safe in their environment. 

But what does it mean to feel safe and how can we ensure that children recognise unwelcome approaches or behaviours and develop the confidence to resist them as far as possible?

At Hall meadow, we teach our children about trusted adults and positive peer relationships, we use Helping hands to show our trusted people and help children to learn and grow and contribute to their own personal safety and relationships. Because of this, children have safe adults to go to when they need help and can trust everyone in their school to help them feel safe.

Overview of Wellbeing Provision

  • Social Skills Development
  • Anxiety Management
  • Resiliency Improvement
  • Behaviour Support
  • Loss, Separation and Bereavement Support, including Family support and Crisis Intervention
  • ASD Support
  • SEN Support
  • Health and Dietary Support

Programmes and Interventions

  • Protective Behaviours
  • Helping Hands for Children
  • Playbuddies
  • Drawing and Talking Therapy
  • Relax Kids
  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • Emotional Literacy Training
  • Socially Speaking Sessions